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Whole House Air Purification Jacksonville, FL

A single purifier is all you need and it works in cohesion with your cooling or heating unit. Whole house purification will leave your home in Jacksonville, FL healthy and clean with all air that is omitted into your home filtered through the purifier first. It takes one small dust particle to upset your entire HVAC system which in turn impacts your health.

The job description of an air purifier

The main job of your air purifier is to improve your indoor air quality by providing you with clean, fresh air. These high tech machines eliminate dangerous contaminants in the air and help support the treatment program for people who suffer with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. Air purifiers also neutralize odors.

4 types of whole house air purification systems

  1. Extended Media Filters –

These air purifiers are more effective than the regular fiberglass filters. These units are boxy and contain a pile of filtration media. Due to the large filter holder which has to be plumbed into the duct work, this installation requires professionals.

  1. Flat Filters –

When these filters stop working it’s usually due to clogging of dust which in turn over works the furnace. These filters protect your furnace from large dust particles and may keep the surfaces in your home a bit cleaner. But they block the microscopic particles that are damaging to lung tissue.

  1. Ultra Violet Filters –

The ultraviolet light kills airborne viruses and bacteria. If one is primarily concerned about germs, these filters come as the perfect choice. In hospitals, UV air filters are used in tuberculosis wards. The bug has to reach the filter to be killed.

  1. Electronic Filters –

These units are hi-tech and are also incorporated into the ductwork. A high voltage current puts an electric charge on any particles in the air which are harmful. An oppositely charged collector plate grabs the particle like a magnet. These filters have been tested and have been found to work 30 times as well as regular fiberglass filters.

Envirovac Air Duct Cleaning

They understand the importance behind whole house air purification. It’s important for you and your family to breathe in fresh, clean air indoors. Envirovac Air Duct Cleaning has the required experience and professionals to service you with the comfort you deserve. For whole house air purification, Jacksonville, IL call (904-503-7702) for quality air.